How to differentiate your BRAND

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Branding, Uncategorized

If you want to stand out in today’s competitive world, your brand should be different. Lack of differentiation may be holding your brand back. Simply better than the competitor does not create a sustainable advantage. Your brand must be different. It must be different in ways that are important to your core customer target. Here are three ways to differentiate your brand. 

1. BE FIRST : 
Whatever the way you try to be the first. Be a first in the geographical area, first to provide 24/7 service, first to provide home delivery. Whatever the way you can, try to be number one. Being number one will have the greater share of the market.

Your attribute differentiates you from your competitor. Your strategy should be to adopt an attribute that no one is having or talking about. Your attribute may turns be a strong weakness of your competitor. Brands that identify and keep track of key attributes knows where they stand versus key competitors. They can use their strong attributes to their advantage in building sales and profits. Be different in design, presentation, marketing approach.

Whenever you specialize in the target market, you become known as an expert. Your customer identifies you as a specialist & trust you more. Business with specialization is able to market to a large part of the available market.

Strong differentiation will give you a more competitive advantage.

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