Package Designing

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

One more package design by us…

Short information about this product:

Crunchy Delite is developed by a team of Food Experts Dr. Vidya Khsirsagar, Founder & CEO of SAKAS FOODS & Mrs.Akshaya Dubbewar who have successfully replaced White Maida, White sugar and Vanaspati / Palm oil with Whole Wheat Atta, Soya Flour, Jaggery and Cow Butter. The addition of cocoa makes it tastier.

This product is now available in Supermarkets like DMART, BIG BAZAAR & NATURES BASKET.

So why to wait.. rush now, get your testy, crunchy and healthy cookies to make your snack time more enjoyable. Relish it with your kids, near and dear ones.

कूछ मीठा  ही नहीं, हेल्दी भी हो जाये…. खाओ जी भरके